Fly-PA Contest Results!

September 10, 2011 7:52 pm | POSTED BY Tim D

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen! The announcement you’ve been waiting for! Stats from the Fly-PA competition today!

There were 35 entries submitted. You guys rock!
We gathered over at Pillager’s Pub in Greenwood at 9am this morning to setup for the judging.

The first round was BJCP-style, with bonafide BJCP judges in attendance and scores awarded based on BJCP criteria. We had members judging as well, there were ~21 folks judging! (For all of you submitters, you will get the scoresheet feedback in the snail mail in a couple weeks. With this feedback, hopefully you will win the next competition!)

The second and final round was a panel of Pro brewers from 3 Skulls and Fremont Brewing, 3 BJCP judges, 2 board members, and five members. They were voting on their favorite of the 6 top-rated beers from the first round.

The finalists were (in alphabetic order):

Shawn Becker   (PTU6G)
Aaron Birrell     (1S16N)
David Flynn      (1LTCV)
Mike Kilpatrick  (8TGO3)
Rob Lisguis       (G5LL8)
Drew Wilson     (XPXSO)

In all the excitement I forgot to add who the winner was – the winning beer is “Gasworks IPA” by Mike Kilpatrick. Congrats Mike!

Congrats to you guys for placing! The winner will be brewing his beer with Jeff Smiley over at 3 Skulls Brewing within the next couple of weeks!

I know what you are probably thinking – I should get in on the next competition! You absolutely should! Either enter a beer, or for more fun, come out to help judge! This contest was structured such that we could have had more member judges in both rounds. We hope to see you next time!


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