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Introducing Flying Bike’s Captains Club!


Any member that is given credit for referring at least 3 new members is inducted into the club! Referrals credited to you prior to the introduction of the FBCB Captains Club count towards your total. This means that many of you are already in the club! What are the perks of membership, you ask? Fame and Fortune! Captains Club members will be recognized in the brewery and on our website. Everyone will know that you did your part in building the brewery. Fortune? OK, maybe not, but at least you’ll get some very cool prizes.
  • BLONDE – 3 Referrals: Your very own Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery growler customized with your member number.
  • AMBER – 5 Referrals: See the snazy shirt above? Refer 5 new members to the Co-op and it is yours! We’ll even put your member number on the back, so you can prove to everyone you knew us before we were big!
  • STOUT!! – 10 Referrals: Refer 10 new members to the Co-op and we’ll make you your very own customized Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery Hoodie! 
Those who have already qualified for a referral prize will receive an email in the next couple weeks alerting them of delivery!

The Runway Series

If the prizes above aren’t enough, we’ve got more! Each day your favorite Brewery Co-op gets closer to touching down on our goal of opening the doors of our cooperatively owned brewery and taproom. To further encourage referrals at this critical time, we’ve put together some one of a kind prize packages that will put you right in on the action. 2 weeks prior to our schedule opening date, we’ll tally up the top 5 referrers (active and former board members excluded) and let them choose between the following prizes:

  • Catered dinner and private sneak peek at the brewery for you and 9 friends.
  • Private tasting class for you and 9 friends hosted by Co-op and/or Seattle beer luminaries .
  • Homebrew demonstration at your house with FBCB’s head brewer.
  • Watch the first offical FBCB batch be brewed.
  • Your recipe on tap at FBCB taproom.

Prize selection will be made by order of finish, so get going on those referrals! We’ll keep you up to date by posting a leaderboard in the newsletter each month. Right now the race is wide open, so get out there and start talking about your Co-op!


And now for some fine print…The Captains Club is only open to Co-op members. Remember, a referral only counts if your name is listed in “Referred By” field on the member sign up form. The Co-op reserves the right to make changes at any time. Prizes in the Runway series to be scheduled on a mutually agreeable date. Ties to be resolved by lottery type drawing. Members of the Captains Club and referral leaders will be publicized.  If you wish to opt out of this publicity, please email us at Questions? Do the same!


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