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Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. You know, that first real taste of summer weather is like the first sip of a great homebrew after a long day - it makes one want to...

This is difficult for me.  There are so many completely inappropriate ways I could go with this, and at least one or two of them are funny enough for talk radio. (AM not FM, but still. It's not "streaming", unless you consider more snap crackle and pops than a summer bonfire, fueled by bland cereal that gets soggy way too fast and no one has bought in years but makes damn tasty treats that used to be made in kitchens everywhere but who has time for that sort of thing nowadays - "streaming". In which case, it is.

No, I can't be really inappropriate here. If you see it on the internet, not only is it true, but Google archives all this, so there's really no getting away from it when it's out there. So I have to reign it in.

However, going to the bar is a wholly different beast. When the beers are flowing, the jokes go white-weizen rafting! (Don't worry guys and gals, I already patented the phrase.) I usually write the jokes days in advance when I know there will be a night out. I also usually have a few notecards in my wallet with some zingers and puns for any unplanned adventures, and usually one or two in my sock in case my wallet is stolen. If all else fails, you can excuse yourself to the restroom and memorize some quips and wisdom from the stall doors, but really at that point the night is just not going to end the way you hoped it would when you got up that morning.

What was I saying? Right. Scheduled bar events are awesome.

Which is why we're having some!

This Thursday, June the 9th, come hang out with some of your favorite board and cooperative members at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse. We'll be there at 7pm, enjoying some casual beers and relaxing. We'd love to meet you there and talk about beers or knitting or shrubbery or whatever. We'd like to get to know you! We'll have some jokes that aren't appropriate for the internet, but in a bar - well, you may want to bring your life jackets for the hefe-rapids!

I really should write these things earlier in the day, when my brain isn't so fuzzy! I swear I haven't even been drinking tonight!

Before I forget, if this Thursday isn't a good time for you, don't worry. We'll be doing more of these "Beer with the Board" sessions in the coming weeks. We're going to hit different bars in different parts of the city, so if this one isn't convenient for you, chances are another one will be. We should have a schedule posted shortly, both at our website and on our Facebook page. In fact, why not go to our Facebook now and let us know what your favorite beer bar is in Seattle - maybe we'll go there next!

Oh, and wear your favorite Flying Bike t-shirt - everyone will think it's a flash mob of folks with great taste in beer! a brewery with a sunroof! I wouldn't leave you hanging like that! See ya Thursday!

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