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Flying Bike GlassesYou asked for it, you got it!  We've put together a brand new Membership Referral Program with lots of awesome rewards.  The Referral Program is split up into two basic categories: the Sprint Series and the Runway Series.

For the Sprint Series, every month, starting on the first of the month, we will start a new membership sprint.  Whoever signs up the most new members in a given month will get a special prize, like a customized Flying Bike Sprint Series Winner T-Shirt.  The June, 2012 Sprint is already underway!

The Runway Series is our long-term Referral Program.  Every new member you bring on-board counts!  Points earned during the Runway Series will earn you entry into the Flying Bike Mug Club, which gets you a custom mug with your name engraved on it at the bar, as well as other cool prizes like hooded sweatshirts and other Flying Bike apparel.

The Membership Referral Program is important to the Co-Op because building our membership is the only way we're going to be able to open our doors.  We're growing strong and adding new members all the time, but we need everyone's help to get there!  Every friend, coworker and family member that you sign up gets us one step closer to making this brewery a reality!

Check out the full details.  Special thanks to David Flynn (Member #193) for helping us put this together!  Got an idea for other ways to bring in new members?  Get involved!

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