And the winning name for the stout is……..

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"7-Spoke Stout" barely edged out "Broken Spoke Stout" as the member-selected name of our second beer! Thanks to everyone who voted!

What's the next step?

That's a great question - "7-Spoke Stout" isn't officially the name yet - Northwest Brewing Company has to OK the name, and it'll have to be approved by someone official with the state to officially name the beer. Now, the name is non-offensive and there doesn't seem to be any other beer with that name, so hopefully the process will be quick and painless and we can officially dub the beer!

After brewing the stout, winner David Flynn answered some questions about brew day, beer, and how his winning stout came to be. Here's a sample, a teaser if you will:

"FBC: What were your impressions of working in a production brewery?

DF: Hard Labor!  Clearing out the mash tun should be an event on Biggest Loser.  I was in a full on flop sweat!  It was really fun though.  Greg (the head brewer) was great and really just let me jump right in with his team.  Initially you are just shocked with the scale of things;  walking in and seeing a pallet of grain all for this beer.  1,100 pounds of grain, 10 pounds of hops, 525 gallons into the boil, and a big fat bucket of yeast into the fermenter.  It was a great day but I was tuckered out."

Check back soon for the full interview!

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