The Year of the Snake!

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I'd like to take a moment before our regularly scheduled blog to announce that member David Wiegand is now officially part of Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery's board of directors! David has filled Jake's recently-vacated board seat - many of you may already have met him, as he's been to many board meetings and events over the past year. This is a big deal - we're at full strength again after being not-quite-altogether for some time. We all look forward to working more with him!

I love that we here at Flying Bike are building traditions. Tour de Pints, awesome homebrew competitions, fun annual meetings, board retreats, and the subject of this blog, annual plans.

Yes indeed, the Plan 2013 is ready for you to review! You can view it here. We're pointing out our direction, and some thoughts on how to get there. We're laying out our roadmap for all our members, stating what we think is important for the co-op as a whole. By setting goals, we're now on the hook to achieve those goals. It's pressure guys!

One of the biggest things we're trying to do as a board is planning ahead - we're working further ahead, planning events and work for the upcoming months with enough time to do a great job. We're also much more active in the social media realm (special thanks to board member Steve for waking the giant that is the FBCB social media). If you haven't already, check us out on Facebook and Twitter for all the things that are coming up this year. Here's to 2013, cheers to beers!


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