How far have we come?

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Hello Fellow Flying Bikers!

Here’s hoping this note finds you all enjoying the early summer we are having, and stopping in to visit YOUR brewery on a regular basis.  (Hopefully you are NOT drinking up all the Red Scarf, as that happens to be my favorite go-to beer these days – but if you are, I can hardly blame you…)  This David McBride creation is just the latest of our Member Driven Beers, and it’s a damned fine one!


11127699_1038593086170863_1121873296868497648_nThinking back just a year is quite an interesting thing to consider, in all that we have accomplished as a brewery and co-op, isn’t it?  Just one year ago, we did not have our WSLCB license yet – much less any beers to serve.

One year ago we were at member #1166 (Hi Erika!)  - and now we are at member #1688! (Congrats, Gajus!).

We had just received the brewhouse & fermenters, and decided to throw ourselves a little party: an ‘Open Brewhouse’ Party.  We hadn’t finished the cooler or the bar.  And our toilets were, well, let’s just say they were not fully operational!

And now the toilets work flawlessly (knock wood…)  How far we have come in just one year!

In one year we have brewed SIXTY batches of beer, including 4 collaboration beers with our friends at Lucky Envelope, Naked City and Lantern Brewing!  Look out for Naked Biker coming just in time for the Solstice Festival!

newbeerjuneWe’ve sold nearly 20,000 Pints in our tasting room – which is an astounding amount of beer!

We’ve built a solid community around our Tasting Room, and our events including Geeks Who Drink (every Monday night trivia), and Member Driven Community (our charity giving), and our participation in ArtUP! artwalks, and our hugely popular RUN CLUB!!  Families, dog lovers and beer enthusiasts of all stripes enjoy calling our Tasting Room their own 3rd Place.  Check out the JUNE Events calendar for more info!

And of course, we had this humble blog post from Head Brewer Kevin Forhan a year ago!IMG_8030


Next time you are in your Brewery – the ‘Bike – take a good look around, and marvel what we all have been able to accomplish with #memberdrivenbeer!  Then take a long look in a mirror, and congratulate the owner you see there!

(Be sure to check out our Open Brewhaus photos from last year!)


- David

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