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Founded: 1966

Mission: Music Works changes lives through accessible music education and experiences.

Why are people passionate about Music Works Northwest?

Music Works Northwest is truly a testament to the power and value of accessible music education. At Music Works we offer private lessons, group classes, and ensembles for children and adults of all ages and abilities. We are especially proud of our renowned music therapy program, which is dedicated to serving community-members with challenges such as autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson’s disease, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, complications due to stroke, and a variety of special needs.

3 Major Accomplishments in 2015:

  • In 2015, we traveled across the Bellevue school district as part of our annual Public School Outreach Initiative and conducted free, interactive music education workshops for 2,000 public school students. Our community outreach to these students is part of a testament to the passion of our faculty, as many of the students that we reach lack access to affordable and accessible music education.

  • We launched the Voices of Sunshine Choir, an inclusive choir experience for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The choir continues to this day, and serves as a precious and supportive community environment for the participants that it serves.

  • After our lease terminated unexpectedly in 2014, we conducted a search, move, capital campaign and renovations of our new facility. The relocation process involved quick thinking and strong communication on the part of our Music Works faculty and staff, and was met with minimal impact to the strong quality and continuity of our music programs.

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  • Each year we provide private music instruction on 21 instruments, present free concerts to over 3,000 audience members, and grant almost $30,000 in tuition assistance to students who cannot afford private lessons.

  • At Music Works Northwest, we take pride in addressing the needs of any and every person who wishes to learn music in a supportive and accessible environment. Our music therapy program is nationally accredited and serves as the only program of its kind in the city of Bellevue. Our therapists specialize in utilizing movement, vocalizing, instrument-playing, and songwriting to foster growth and self-expression.

  • In the fall of 2015 we embarked on our first-ever 30-day crowd-funding campaign to raise $2,260 for our Voices of Sunshine Choir for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With the help of our strong social media outreach and dedicated parents and students, we raised the entire balance of $2,260 in almost half the allotted time. With these funds we were able to accommodate the tuition and accessibility needs of all of our choir participants.

How can people get involved with your organization?

The high quality and accessible music education offered at Music Works Northwest is made possible by our strong community network of passionate parents, donors, and volunteers. As a non-profit organization, our tuition fees cover only 80 percent of our total costs of operations for our unique and accessible programs. We greatly appreciate the generosity of volunteer service and gifts and from our community members, corporate sponsors, and foundational partners. In addition, community members can volunteer at our annual auction, concerts, and on the Board of Directors and various committees, including Development, Marketing, Finance and Programs.


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