Member Driven Community Charity Profile: United Way of King County

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#MemberDrivenCommunity Event:  September 29, 2016

When was the organization founded?



Our mission is to bring caring people together to give, volunteer, and take action to help people in need and solve our community's toughest challenges.

Why are people passionate about your organization or cause?

Together, we're building a community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable. Our vision is captured in our slogan, LIVE UNITED. We believe that as individuals, families and communities we are stronger if we support each other, especially in moments of vulnerability. We provide a way for people to connect and turn their generosity into large-scale good.

What were you able to accomplish in 2015?

Here are our top 5 highlights of last year:

  1. Streets to Home: Our Streets to Home program launched in November and has already helped 260 people have a roof over their heads. For Ariel, who was evicted from her apartment last fall, the program has helped her find a new home and with it something she thought she'd lost forever: hope.

  2. Jobs Connect: We're connecting people who are homeless to employment, a paycheck, and, as one participant puts it, "a stepping stone." See how the program made a difference to Roland, who went from living on the streets to getting a job maintaining them.

  3. Reconnecting Youth: It was also a year when the community came together to support at-risk youth who've had to drop out of high school. Hundreds of young people like Charmane have gotten their education back on track through our Reconnecting Youth program.

  4. Parent-Child Home Program: Our Parent-Child Home Program has supported more than 1,200 low-income families to help little kids like Hanan get off to a good start in kindergarten this fall.

  5. Fuel Your Future: We're at a school or community site near you, making sure kids have access to nutritious meals throughout the year. The result? 1,000+ students receive breakfast and after-school supper each day. And we're distributing more than 750,000 meals through our Summer Food Invasion program.

Share 3 fun facts or stories about your organization.

  • Which sports figure has spoken on behalf of United Way of King County? ➔ Russell Wilson

  • What is the name of the largest volunteer event in Washington State, organized by United Way of King County? ➔ Day of Caring with 12,000+ volunteers.

  • How many young professionals are part of United Way’s Emerging Leaders program ➔ 5,000+

How can people get involved with your organization?

  • Become an Emerging Leader - If you’re in your 20s and 30s, sign up for our Emerging Leaders program to get invited to fun (and free) events, volunteer opportunities and ways to connect with your community.

  • Volunteer - Check out our volunteering opportunities

  • Newsletter - Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about our activities and work in the community

  • Donate - Help support our mission and programs with a gift.


What social medias your organization on (please provide links):

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