The Long Dark

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“The Long Dark” is a month-long series of beer releases intended to help us all crawl out of winter’s darkness.
Each beer in the series is paired a with piece of original art by Kyle Krauskopf. The release events span across the month of February.

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery announces “The Long Dark” beer and art series in February

Lets be honest, February can be rough in Seattle; we get salty about the weather not turning and it’s really dark and wet. But there are a few moments of pure and glorious bliss when the sun peaks out for a day or two. We’ve turned these feelings and animosities into an amazing beer series for you to enjoy. Limited to one keg each on draft only, released on the date indicated. Each release is paired with an original art piece by esteemed artist, and great friend of the brewery, Kyle Krauskopf. Two prints of each art piece will be raffled on that beer’s release day at the brewery! All beers tapped at opening.

We’re getting weird with these and hope you will join us. Presenting, “The Long Dark”:

Friday Feb 2nd: Cask RaineMaker IPA with Coffee Fairly straight-forward, but damned tasty. Citrusy hop flavor with the robust assertion of fresh ground coffee. A great way to launch this special February series.

Tuesday Feb 6th: “Sari, Not Sorry” Curry Porter Our Phinneywood Porter infused with curry spices, fresh lime, and mild chilies to give this beer a savory slant; named after the traditional Indian clothing garment. Herbal and spicy without being hot-spicy. Warming like a bowl of soup or a nice cup of chai.

Friday Feb 9th: Cask Amber with Rooibos Tea and Vanilla Beans (ArtUp Phinneywood Night) Our new malt-heavy Amber ale, fermented with Scotch ale yeast, infused with Rooibos red tea and whole vanilla beans mellows out the sweetness and gives a delightfully long finish. Served on cask.

Tuesday Feb 13th: “Not-So-Lonely Hearts Club” Our new Amber ale graciously infused with Chocolate, Raspberry, and Lactose. Bring a “date” and get $1-off your pint (significant other, friend, dog, burrito from Luna Azul, a good book … just sit down with another person or item and score a deal with us).

Friday Feb 16th: “Care Package” Heavily-Fruited Wheat The Adjunct Professor heard your calls; “we want a fresh, fruity beer to take our minds off of how crappy the weather is!” Fret not, Frequent Flyers! Coming in hot with heaps of fresh lime, orange, and cantaloupe, this American Wheat will make you feel like you’re shoppin’ the Farmers’ Markets in August. Expressive, approachable, and almost tropical — at least it won’t feel like February.

Tuesday Feb 20th: “Black as Night, Sweet as Love” Sage and Blueberry CDA Our assertive Cascadian Dark Ale with flavors of loud citrus and light-roast character gets doctored up with fresh blueberries and a bit of sage leaf. Expect a creamy mouthfeel thanks to a modest addition of lactose and a great balance of sweet and savory, enhancing the CDA’s depth rather than detracting from it.

Tuesday Feb 27th: “Viva la Cerveza” Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout The Rood Awakening Coffee Milk Stout infused with fresh habenero, cacao nibs, lactose, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Huge in mouthfeel and flavor assertion, “The Long Dark” series goes out with a bang.

(Beers by Scott Jensen - "The Adjunct Professor"; Digital imagery by Ryan Thrower and Ashley Badger; Original art pairings by Kyle Krauskopf)

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