About Us

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is a democratically run, member-owned and operated cooperative. We strive to make Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery membership and activities welcoming and accessible to all members of our diverse community.


The Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is member-owned!  That means you, yes you, can own your own brewery.  All members of the co-op have an equal share in the brewery and its success.


A portion of the beer brewed by Flying Bike is chosen by the membership. Contribute your homebrew recipes or your taste buds to help the co-op decide what beers we brew and serve in our brewery!


Now that the brewery is open for business everyone is invited to come on down and enjoy a pint or two (or more)!  Revel in the success that you, the membership, helped us build!  Enjoy YOUR space and YOUR beers!

Our Values

Collaboration – FBCB will be the birthplace for great beer. Our members will be an integral part in designing and voting on what we brew. The beer will not simply be the brewery’s beers, but will truly belong to our members.

Education – We believe that beer education will foster a deeper appreciation for beer. On-site member classes on ingredients, styles, tasting notes, food pairings and the brewing process will ensure our members and staff are the smartest craft beer drinkers around.

Community – FBCB plans to be a visible part of our community. We look forward to building relationships with craft brewers, coops and local businesses. Additionally, we plan to give back to our community through charity events and education.

Innovation – We have a great beer community in the Seattle area. Our member-judged brewing competitions will ensure we brew wonderfully diverse, world-class beers.

Sustainability – Our vision is to be an environmentally conscious brewery with a focus on sustainability. Good for the beer, good for the planet.

Board of Directors

  • Shawn Becker
    Shawn Becker Board President

    Shawn is member #2 and a thread of continuity from the “early days”.  In Shawn’s own words: “I’d like to see Flying Bike work to further develop member-focused programs and build brand awareness. The most important aspect of our business is our membership. Without our members we are just another brewery in a very crowded craft beer market. As such we need to work hard to provide our members with unique opportunities to get involved, to learn, and to contribute to the community at large. With a vibrant and active membership our brand awareness will spread naturally to a certain extent, but we still need to find opportunities to get our name, our values, and, of course, our beer out there in the community. Let’s show them what member-driven beer is all about!”

    Term Expires: 2018

  • Mitch Johnson
    Mitch Johnson Director

    Growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota, Mitch developed an appreciation for community, craftsmanship and the outdoors. It is no surprise that when he moved to Seattle, he was enticed by the impressive artisan craftsmanship and passion alive in the Northwest Beer Scene. Mitch brings this passion to the team by making sure that while we are providing the best brews around, our facility is also up to the same impressive standards.  You can find Mitch and his beloved brewery dog Milo in the tasting room most weeks, performing QA duties with dedication.

    Term Expires: 2020

  • Lisa Green
    Lisa Green Treasurer

    Lisa brings a diverse professional background to the Board of Directors – she is a former Accountant and financial analyst, and has worked for startups and non-profits.  In her own words: “I’ve been following the progress of the co-op for a couple years now, first as a member, then investor, and now would like to take it to the next level and get involved hands on to help the brewery grow and succeed.”

    Term Expires: 2018

  • Austin Rood
    Austin Rood Director

    Austin has been a resident of the Seattle area for over 30 years and is a CPA by day. He joined FBCB in 2016, and is a fervent supporter of Washington breweries and the independent craft beer industry as a whole. An avid homebrewer, he won the spring 2017 homebrew competition with his Banana Seat Hefeweizen. He currently serves on the Finance and Member Driven Beer (MDB) teams, as well as heads our Nominating Committee for 2018. When he's not working, brewing, or serving FBCB, he loves spending time with his wife Sarah, and his son Jamey.

    Term expires: 2019

  • Ashley Badger
    Ashley Badger Director
    Ashley landed in Seattle several years ago after spending her growing years in the Bay Area of California and central Indiana, with an early-career stopover near the Mojave Desert. She quickly latched onto the bold flavors of Northwest beer and found an exciting scene of brewers and beer-lovers sprawled across the city. Ashley spends the work week as an aerodynamics engineer and loves to play intramural sports and ride her bicycle in her free time. She spends most of her vacation time and money traveling to far-flung scuba diving locations. Her love of craft beer and passion for working with teams toward a common goal made Flying Bike a perfect fit!
    Term Expires: 2018
  • David Wiegand
    David Wiegand Director

    David is a native Seattleite who works by day in IT Project Management, and by night is perfecting his own homebrew recipes on a 1/2 bbl all-grain system (he’s also an avid cyclist).  From December 2014 to Aug 2015 David successfully led the FBCB Build team in designing and building out the Brewery & Tasting Room (with a lot of help from some very passionate Flying Bike Member-Owners!)   Currently David is working on supporting new Build opportunities, and the outside sales Bottle Program.

    Term Expires: 2020
  • Chad Evans
    Chad Evans Director

    Chad joined Flying Bike in July of 2014 shortly after we found our home in Greenwood, and humbly took his seat on the Board in October of 2016. Aside from being a craft beer lover, coop champion, and local business supporter, he has a personal mission of making FBCB a sustainable business through and through. Chad currently helps out with the Marketing Team and is slowly (but surely) helping craft FBCB's sustainable initiatives. He loves the outdoors, craft beer, and traveling; but most of all his wife and partner, Lindsay.

    Term Expires: 2019

Brewery & Tasting Room Staff

  • Kevin Forhan
    Kevin Forhan Head Brewer

    Kevin Forhan is a Seattle native who grew up in the Wedgewood neighborhood. He has been a craft brewer in Seattle since 1990, beginning at Pike Place (now Pike) Brewery, and moving on to serve as head brewer of the Big Time Brewery in the University District from 1997 to 2004. After a two-year adventure living in Spain, he returned to join Elysian Brewing Company as the original head brewer of their Elysian Fields location, and has most recently held the position of Regional Brewer for RAM International, after beginning as head brewer of their Northgate location. He is a multiple Great American Beer Festival award winner and has taken a special interest in cask-conditioned beer, Belgian styles, and the creative use of hops.

  • Jesse Young
    Jesse Young Assistant to the Brewer

    As a founding Flying Bike member (#929), Jesse has been involved in our cooperative brewing movement for years.  He originally started brewing when his wife Megan bought him a homebrew kit and, lucky for us, that hobby stuck and became a major passion in his life. When he's not helping in the brewery or teaching home brew and history of beer classes, he is a stay-at-home dad to his daughter Clara and exploring the pacific northwest hiking and biking trails. Welcome, Jesse!

  • Jenna
    Jenna Beertender

    An early regular of Flying Bike, Jenna fell in love with our Co-op and our beer and decided to translate her enthusiasm into a position on our staff.

  • Agustin
    Agustin Beertender

    Hailing from Cleveland where he grew up with his 9 siblings, Agustin brings a vitality and to the brewery that is unmatched.  With his 7+ years of experience in the food service industry, he is able to take care of business while also making every customer and member feel like (and usually become) a regular. In addition to serving up beers behind the bar, he also lends a hand in the brewery to make our great beers happen.  Ever wonder how many grapefruits get zested and juiced for our Zest-A-Peel?  Ask him!

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay Beertender

    When Flying Bike had just opened, Lindsay couldn't get enough of watching our Mariners and Seahawks WIN while drinking our great beer.  When we started looking for more staff, she was eager to join the team and get more involved.  She's a great addition to the team and will always greet you with a warm smile and a great beer recommendation!

  • Tessa
    Tessa Beertender
    Tessa is a true food service industry professional, serving coffee by morning and beer by evening. Essentially, we don't know what we would do without her. When she isn't making sure you have a delicious beverage in your hand, she likes to play the piano and sketch beautiful artwork.

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