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  • Simcoe/Amarillo IPA

    Straight-ahead West coast IPA featuring the classic Simcoe/Amarillo hop combination, with some late Azacca

    ABV: 7%

    IBUs: 70

  • Opinionator

    A New England-style semi-hazy IPA on steroids, loaded with Ekuanot, El Dorado, and Eureka hops, with a hint of Polaris, and partially aged on cut-up rye whiskey barrel staves. Stone-fruity, tropical, refreshing but serious. Perilously drinkable.

    ABV: 9.7%

    IBUs: 80

  • Banana Seat HefeRyezen

    Austin Rood's hefe Classic German-style wheat beer with a touch of rye

    ABV: 6%

    IBUs: 18

  • Lavender IPA

    Our RaineMaker infused with dried lavender flower

    ABV: 6.4%

    IBUs: 60

  • Zest-a-Peel

    Delicious and refreshing, this grapefruit IPA has been racked onto freshly-zested grapefruit peels and infused with grapefruit juice.

    ABV: 6.5%

    IBUs: 60

  • Balance Bike Blonde

    Pilsener-like blonde ale with premier German malt and Czech Saaz hops. Crisp, flavorful, refreshing.

    ABV: 5.2%

    IBUs: 32

  • Bike Rye'd Rye Saison

    Traditional farmhouse style spicy/refreshing saison with wheat and a good portion of rye. Classic noble Hallertau and Styrian Goldings hops. Created by member Dan Schmidt.

    ABV: 6.3%

    IBUs: 25

  • Cherry Kettle Sour Saison

    Kettle Sour with sweet and tart cherry fermented with a classic Belgian saison yeast

    ABV: 6%

    IBUs: 18

  • 7-Spoke Brown Porter

    The full roastiness of a stout, the drying sharpness of a porter, and the subtle caramel of a brown ale, all in one pint.

    ABV: 6%

    IBUs: 50

  • RaineMaker IPA


    ABV: 6.4%

    IBUs: 60

  • Hugh Manatee Hazy Pale

    Hazy Pale brewed with oats and wheat and generously dry-hopped for a complex, citrus/topical hop profile with low bitterness.

    ABV: 6%

    IBUs: 35

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